In 30 years our company has advanced from a shipyard engineering office into a project management corporation of marine, process and machine technology industries. We are specialized in executing demanding design projects for e.g. shipyards and paper mills. We also provide state-of-the art turnkey deliveries of glass product solutions for ships as well as private and public buildings.

We are able to flexibly and cost-efficiently answer the needs on different fields of businesses, as our network of professionals consists of in-corporate companies, international partners and freelancers.


We have both the skill and the will to listen to and understand our customers. Our competitive edge is based on agility and the overall economy of our services. Our goal is to produce faultless services within the promised timeframe.

We aim at following the principle of continuous improvement and the development of our operations is based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

DNV ISO9001 certification

Customer-Centric Approach

We aim at excellence in customer experience by developing our quality and cost-efficiency. Our starting point is understanding the individual needs and expectations of our customers. We continuously look for new and cost-efficient solutions to help our customers strengthen their own business.

By taking care of our personnel and our operational environment we make sure, that we are a competitive actor and employer also in the future.