Costa Toscana 2021

Built at Meyer Turku shipyard, delivered in December 2021

Vessel type: Cruise ship
Gross registered tonnage: 185 000 GT
Length: 337 m
Breadth: 42 m
Decks: 22

Speed: 17 kn
Passengers: 6730

Crew: 1646
Customer: Costa Cruises


Basic design
Deck Outfitting

Detail design

Costa Toscana is an Excellence class cruise ship built at the Meyer Turku shipyard for Costa Cruises, and it was delivered to the customer in December 2021. It has 2,600 cabins, 11 restaurants, 19 bars, 4 swimming pools, a theatre, spa, kids’ facilities, and many other attractions. Costa Toscana features sustainable solutions and circular economy concepts to reduce her environmental impact, in addition to LNG fuel technology that eliminates sulphur emissions and significantly reduces carbon emissions. Costa Toscana operates in the Mediterranean. Allstars Engineering Group has been involved in the design of the vessel in several stages.

Our hull design is of the highest possible quality.

In the basic design, we have been involved in the classification design of the hull as well as in interior design and electrical design. Our hull design is of the highest possible quality.

Costa Toscana Crew Mess

The most significant contribution Allstars Engineering Group has made to the vessel detail design (Hull, Piping, HVAC, Interior, Electrical). For example, we have designed 50% of the grand blocks of the ship’s hull, 38 in total. The contract represents 48% of the total body weight, making us a major supplier.

Costa Toscana Cabin Area

Our HVAC, interior and electric design included cabin areas of about 50,000 m2, some of which were made directly to the shipyard and some to the turnkey suppliers. We have also designed cabins for the shipyard’s cabin factory.

We have been responsible for HVAC background design for public spaces of approximately 8000 m2 and HVAC design for technical spaces of 800 m2. In addition, we have done electric design for provision stores.

Costa Toscana Theater

 Antti-Jussi Kesälä, the CEO of Europlan Engineering

Europlan Engineering and Allstars Engineering Group have a long relationship based on mutual trust, in which each party can rely on the other party to fulfill all its contractual obligations. Communication at both the management and project levels is also excellent and transparent.

Costa Toscana Grand Bar

In all long-term cooperation, especially in this kind of construction and project activity, one of the most important secrets of success is continuous development and learning from the challenges. Then every project will be even better than the previous one.

In recent years, Europlan Engineering has mainly supplied cabin areas for cruise ships, in which CADMATIC and HVAC design played a predominant role. We have always been confident that Allstars Engineering Group will provide us with professional and high-quality design services and have sufficient resources to meet our needs.

Costa Toscana Costa Flex

Photos: Kari Palsila