Henna Rauvola

Hanna Rauvola, projektipäällikkö, sisustus

Project manager, Interior

‘I was on parental leave and thinking about going back to work. I saw an ad about a ship design class in the papers, researched the various companies, and visited online forums where all I could find was praise for Allstars from previous employees. Therefore, I took the classes and started my career here as a design engineer. Now, I’m working as a project manager for the interior design unit. Allstars has given me the chance to further develop my skills and competence and I greatly appreciate it.

The things I enjoy the most about Allstars are the great coworkers, challenging myself, and the wonderful team spirit. We have a straightforward and honest relationship with our supervisors. The company also arranges diverse recreational activities where you get to know your colleagues even better. If you’re interested in working on a great team, I warmly welcome you to join us in making shipbuilding history in Turku!’