The personnel of Allstars Engineering Group consist of project managers, chief engineers, and design engineers, all with extensive real-world experience and know-how. We boost our design competence by identifying needs and recruiting both experienced professionals and motivated young graduates who can quickly get up to speed with various marine and land-based projects after completing our internal training process.

The ship design recruitment training, organized in cooperation with the Finnish Maritime Cluster, produces competent design engineers during six-month apprenticeship programs that are aimed at future ship design projects. This operating model has enabled us to create an excellent starting point for promising future shipbuilders who can develop their skills and launch their careers with us.

The entire staff participates in implementing our corporate strategy, and our everyday activities are proof of our hard work and enthusiasm. Every staff member participates in an annual training program that we have set up to enhance the development of our employees’ skills and constantly improve our operations. According to employee feedback, Allstars offers a great work atmosphere and team spirit, both of which have a positive impact on our level of productivity and customer satisfaction.

We also invest in the development of administration and other supportive functions, such as software development and operational automation. In sales and marketing, we are particularly focused on internationalization and our goals for the future are extremely ambitious. We are constantly seeking international growth by creating new means of developing our operations.

The staff of our foreign subsidiaries consists of marine engineers and industrial engineers with years of experience. We recruit marine and industrial engineering graduates to be trained in our subsidiaries as needed, producing high-quality services for our clientele regardless of their geographical location.

We are able to deliver diverse service concepts in various fields of design. We use the most common 2D and 3D design software. Our product portfolio includes:

  • execution of comprehensive design projects
  • calculation services
  • basic and detail design for shipbuilding
  • mechanical and structural design for industry
  • various product development projects

We also provide various expert services for our customers, such as project managers, design engineers, foremen, and inspectors.

Allstars Engineering Group is a flexible and cost-effective partner that guarantees flawless, professional services, always in line with the agreed schedule. The comprehensive design project management services enable the customers to focus on their core business.

For more information, please contact:
Sales & Marketing Director
Jouni Väkiparta
+358 40 700 8519