Mechanical Engineering

From an Idea to a Product — Mechanical engineering encompasses the creation of new products as well as re-engineering or re-development of existing products.

Our driving purpose is the conceptualizing of the products as well as the methods of their manufacturing, for which we then develop the manufacturing process and methods.

Our product design is executed in 3D, with a cost-efficient assembly in mind. At the end of the design process the product is ready to be manufactured with the most efficient and high-quality methods, either in our clients’ own facilities or outsourced  abroad.

We are able to engineer products independently within our facilities or in co-operation with our clients in their facilities.

We are in possession of all current mechanical engineering tools, software and data management sofware, making it it possible to execute all design processes in a cost-efficient manner.

Our services include:

  • Mechanical engineering and 3D-modelling
  • 2D-drawings, job descriptions and documentation
  • Product development services
  • Modulation
  • Steel structure design


We perform mechanical engineering with the following software programs:


For more information, please contact CEO Jukka Suonpää