Marcin and Marcin – experienced designers in the Allstars team in Poland


Allstars Engineering Group employs over 120 people and we have a pool of approximately 200 experts for our projects. Our personnel are highly qualified and seasoned project managers and engineers from various design fields. We have extensive experience in the international ship design and engineering market. In addition to our Finnish offices, we have subsidiaries in Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Allstars Engineering Poland is an expert team specialized in cruise ship and yacht design and engineering. Our staff in Poland have wide knowledge of design tools and technologies, and many years of involvement with them. Meet Marcin Adaszewski and Marcin Wons, who both work in the Allstars team in Poland. We asked them how they acquired their professional skills, what it is like to work at Allstars, and how they spend their time outside work.

A lot of opportunities to design interesting vessel types

Marcin Adaszewski, who holds a BSc degree in Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering, is a design manager in our Poland office. He has been working in ship design since 2012 in Finland, the Netherlands and Poland. When he joined Allstars Engineering Group he was responsible for suite areas on cruise vessels. He really likes his work in our team. “There’s a really good atmosphere at Allstars; we are like family,” Adaszewski says. “There are a lot of opportunities to learn new things, both in design and management. It was a memorable moment when I was promoted to be a design manager at Allstars Poland. It was a great honour for me,” he says.

During his career Marcin Adaszewski has gained a lot of experience of many vessel types. “On my journey I have had the opportunity to design many interesting types of vessels: mega yachts, cruise vessels, a carbon-fibre yacht, tug boats, a drilling ship, tankers,” Adaszewski recalls. “The most interesting project was the carbon-fibre yacht. Due to the specialized nature of the project, there were a lot of new things to learn and I felt I developed as a designer every day,” he says.

We share our know-how and support each other

Marcin Wons, with an MSc in Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering, is a head designer. He got his first design job as far back as in 2007, during his last year of studies. He has worked at Allstars Engineering Group for four years and enjoys being part of the team.

“Initially I was one of the piping designers. My first project here was cabin areas for a cruise ship,” Wons recalls. “I really like cooperating with our team and clients. As a team leader I like to organize projects, solve issues that arise and plan the breakdown of design work. I also like to design. When it comes to the work environment at Allstars, I like the fact that my colleagues are so capable, independent and open. We share our know-how and support each other. I feel we are really a team,” he says.

Each and every vessel is tailor made

Marcin Wons has mainly been designing passenger cruisers, luxury yachts and fishing boats. The scope of the work has included almost all the piping systems and workshop documentation. “Each and every vessel is tailor made, with different kinds of areas to design and an owner with different expectations,” he remarks. “It is always very interesting to begin a new project, with all the preparations and kick-off meetings with the client and team. I appreciate the opportunities my employer gives me. It is always nice to come to the workplace and I find my work fulfilling.”

You have to stay sharp for project challenges

It is important to maintain the right balance between life inside and outside work in order to stay sharp and ready for project challenges. “I play football, and my team has just been promoted to a higher league. I am not a couch potato, although sometimes I like to have an easy evening and rest,” says Marcin Adaszewski.

Marcin Wons also values free-time pursuits. “I like to travel. I choose far-flung corners and less popular destinations,” he describes. “I enjoy learning about foreign cultures and tastes. Before the pandemic I travelled a lot. Here in Tri-City (Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia) I like biking. The whole region is a paradise for cyclists,” he says.

A good team spirit both inside and outside work

Both “Marcins” like to spend time with their colleagues, including after office hours. “There are a lot of enjoyable moments every day because the atmosphere at work is very good. Laughter discharges the stress and strain associated with project deadlines and changes. We also appreciate each other’s company after work, for example by having a barbeque, going bowling or playing laser tag,” they say.

According to both of these design experts, then, there is a really good team spirit in our Poland office, both inside and outside work. When strong bonds are formed, everyone’s expertise is combined in the right way, and this shows in the results of our work. Welfare at work is of strategic importance in our company, and it has a positive effect on both staff and customer satisfaction.

In the following articles, you can read more about our multitalented employees in Finland, Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria. We are very proud of our staff. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse of our Marcins as much as we enjoy working with them.

For more information on Allstars Poland, contact: 

Patrycja Sekula, Business Unit Manager 
tel. +48 576 631 878

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