Nadja’s internship in ship interior design

Nadja Montonen has always been interested in construction business and lately, shipbuilding and marine industry. While on maternity leave Nadja decided to spike her career and joined RASEKO vocational college’s Technical design assistant training.

Nadja looked for an internship actively. She knew Allstars Engineering is an international design and engineering company with a wide set of services. Nadja contacted us directly and negotiated her internship with us.

Close teamwork

Nadja has been a member of our Interior design team, performing assisting tasks. She has modified drawings as per instructions, checked finished drawings and made material calculations. In her work Nadja has gotten very familiar with AutoCAD.

As the two-and-half-month internship at Allstars is coming to an end, we asked Nadja about her experiences.

-I have learnt a lot! My knowledge of shipbuilding industry was very limited, now I feel I have a good basic understanding of the field. Designing and building a ship really is teamwork. The Interior design department needs to take into consideration the designs of every department, such as Hull and Electrical design, as they are used as a basis for the interior design solution. The designs often get updated and the complex design process requires experience, patience and problem-solving capabilities. Building a ship is a huge project where even the smallest tasks are important, you need to be very precise in everything you do.

Allstars from an intern’s viewpoint

-I think Allstars is the best place I have ever worked at. I am new in the field and I couldn’t have hoped for a better team to work with. Everyone helped me grow professionally. It is easy to see that Allstars takes good care of its employees. My workmates seemed to enjoy their everyday work and when I talked to them, I realised it was true.

-For me it is most important that you can be yourself at the workplace. Here at Allstars it doesn’t seem to matter whether you are a CEO or an intern, everyone is respected. Company management knew my name from day one and they came to talk to me, I was not just a name on a paper. My tutor had time to teach me the basics, step-by-step. It really has made a great impact on me how Allstars has invested in me learning the job. My colleagues have been awesome, and I also got more excited about ships!

Be active and have a curious mind

Nadja still has one internship to complete. She wishes to gain experience in multiple fields, civil engineering is also of interest. Nadja aims at Bachelor of Engineering studies and at negotiating about career possibilities at Allstars!

For the future interns she instructs:

-Sort out the basic facts. To learn more, be active and have a curious mind. Ask (!) about anything that puzzles you and be a team player. Your workmates are part of your team, get to know them!

We are happy we have gotten to know Nadja. Thank you, Nadja, for your input in the Interior design team during the internship! We wish you success for your remaining studies and are happy to hear of you when you plan to start working full-time.