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Thank you for your interest in Allstars as a workplace. If you did not find a vacancy matching your skills in our open positions, do submit an open application. We store all applications for 6 months. We will consider your application if a job matching your profile becomes vacant. 

 If you found a position that interests you, kindly fill out the specific application form.  

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    Working at Allstars

    Allstars Engineering Patrycja Sekula

    Patrycja Sekula
    Business Unit Manager, Poland

    ‘I joined Allstars as an intern in 2011 after a language course at a university. They trusted me and gave me the chance…

    Jenni Lindström
    Project Manager, Interior

    ‘Ship design is a growing industry, and working for Allstars is a great way to become a professional in the design industry. I wanted to work here because Allstars seemed like…

    Hannele Vuorilehto
    Designer, Deck outfitting

    ‘I appreciate the great atmosphere at Allstars as well as the work tasks that offer a wonderful challenge. Although I used to work in a different industry, I was always interested in design…


    Ville Sihvo
    Head Designer, Interior

    ‘For me, the best thing about Allstars is the interesting and challenging work. I don’t feel bad waking up in the morning and coming to work. I learned about Allstars…

    VUORIO TEEMU 2020 Allstars Engineering Oy

    Teemu Vuorio
    Sales Manager

    ‘I started in 2015 at Allstars as a head designer in the Hull department. Great cooperation and communication were immediate with both the colleagues and the company management…

    Allstars Engineering Ltd Henna Rauvola Project manager, Interior

    Henna Rauvola
    Project Manager, Interior

    ‘I was on parental leave and thinking about going back to work. I saw an ad about a ship design class in the papers, researched the various companies, and…

    Our recruitment data files contain the following information: person name, telephone number, e-mail, CV, link to your LinkedIn profile.
    The purpose of the data file is to assess the person’s aptitude for the work and the data file is created once the application is received by the company through the website or e-mail. The applicants’ information will be stored for 6 months. The CEO, Sales Director, Office Manager, Sales Manager, Design Director and IT Specialist have permissions to manage the data file.