Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy statement describes the handling of information according to the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation and the Finnish data protection laws. The statement was updated on April 29th, 2020.

1. Registry Administrator
Allstars Engineering Oy
Business ID: 0851387-1
Vanha Tampereentie 187
FI-20380 Turku, Finland

2. Contact Person
Pia Nummila-Väkiparta

3. Name of the Register, Operators
Interest Group Register, hereinafter referred to as ”Register”.
Registry Administrator, hereinafter referred to as “Allstars”.
User of Allstars services online or offline, hereinafter referred to as “Subject”.

4. Purpose of use
Handling of personal data is based on customer relationship or other justified grounds. Data may be handled in order to fulfil contractual obligations or to keep in contact with the Subject, to support Allstars marketing communications, newsletter delivery and general customer contact.

Technically collected information may be used to aid Allstars business planning, product or service development, website user experience enhancement, as well as targeting advertising and executing various surveys and analyses.

By contacting the Registry Administrator or requesting contact from Allstars the Subject has given permission to register and record information of them.

5. Content of Register
Information registered of Subject may contain name, address, phone number, email address, customer’s commission and its delivery and invoicing. Of job seekers we may store their name, telephone number, email, CV and link to their LinkedIn profile.

Technically collected information cannot be connected to an individual. Technically collected information may include IP address, country of residence, city of residence, website usage and timeframe, used device, operating system type and software version, browser type and language settings, customer service interaction in different service channels and external sites the Subject has used to arrive at Allstars website or chooses to visit after Allstars website. Registry Administrator may collect information on their website by using cookies.

6. Regular Information Sources
Information is regularly collected from Subjects themselves and from their usage of the Allstars registered web service and other electronic services of Allstars.

7. Systematic Delivery of Information
Information is not systematically delivered to other parties than Subjects themselves. Information may only be delivered if delivery is essential according to a justified purpose.

8. Transferring data outside the EU or EEA
In essence, data is not transferred outside the EU or EAA. However, in case data is transferred the Subject has explicitly and univocally requested it or consented to it, or it is imperative for defending the interests of Allstars. If personal data is being transferred, Allstars is liable to appropriately protect it. Additionally, the transfer is to be permitted according to personal data protection regulation.

9. Principles of protecting data
Register is located on a secure server. Access requires personal username and password. Allstars controls Register user rights. Only employees who need the Register information in order to accomplish their tasks have access to personal data. Register is protected by technical solutions and applications. The systematic backup copying of Register data and the possibility of restoring data has been assured. Allstars will report eventual personal data breaches directly to respective authorities  or the user, according to legislation.

Information on the Register may be copied, printed or delivered in physical form. Such information is stored in a locked space. This manual material will be disposed of securely when the data is no longer needed for customer relations.

10. Rights of Subject
Users have the right to inform Allstars of the information they seek, provide the necessary details and be informed of what kind of personal data has been stored of them, or make sure that respective information has not been stored of them. Reviewing one’s own information may be performed free of charge one year from each previous review.

In order to execute their right to review, have the information rectified or request total erasure Subject should contact the Registry Administration contact person mentioned above in section 2.

When in contact, Subject must specify what data they wish to have rectified, changed or erased. In addition, Subject must present authentic evidence of their personal identity.

Subject has the right to demand rectification and/or erasure of information that is incorrect, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated. Subject also has the right to cancel their consent given for data collection.

11. Other rights connected to personal data
Subject has the right to request transferral of personal data in electronic form to another service provider. Allstars stores registered personal data according to current legislation and only as long as it is necessary to execute aforementioned purposes.

Subject has the right to cancel their consent given for data collection by informing Allstars in writing. Information may nevertheless be stored and used also after customer relationship has ended or other condition for managing personal data has been terminated, in case it aids in accounting or is due to other overriding legislative requirements.

Information in the interest group register is saved until further notice, information of job seekers, however, is only stored for six (6) months.